UGears Mechanical Theatre


Number of parts: 70
Assembly time: 1-2 hour
Level: Easy
Model size: 21.3*18.9*7.7 cm

One of UGEARS more intricate and unique models, the Mechanical Theatre amazes guests and entertains children for hours. As the wheels spin inside the model, different character ‘pop-up’ on stage: a charming Prince, a fair King, a magical Castle, a fire breathing Dragon, a wicked Witch, a goofy Jester, a lovely Princess and a coveted Treasure Chest! Children love to use the model’s characters to make up their own stories and plays. The Mechanical Theatre is definitely a more artistic model, that could be given as a special gift to a loved one.

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Additional information

Weight 581 g
Dimensions 375 × 170 × 30 cm
Assembly Time


Number Of Parts


Model size

21.3*18.9*7.7 cm


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