Wholesale Starter Pack

Ugears Wholesale Starter Pack $799.22

Here at Acton Sales Australia we want to make the wholesale ordering process as easy as possible. Here is our starter pack option for the new comers to the Ugears World.

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Items Included 

  • 2.5D Models x2
    • 2.5 Model Steam Express
    • 2.5 Model Fighter Aircraft
  • SMART Models x2
    • SMART Mini Helicopter
    • SMART Mini Steampunk Submarine
    • SMART Mini Locomotive
    • SMART Mini Steampunk Airship
  • STEM Models x1
    • STEM Curvimeter
    • STEM Tachometer
  • Full Size Models x1
    • Globus
    • Tyrannosaurus Rex
    • Bike
    • Sports Car Rapid Mouse
  • Mini Models x2
    • Steampunk Clock
    • Old Clock Tower
    • Mini Biplane
    • Vintage Alarm Clock
    • Date Navigator
    • Mars Buggy
    • Mini Military Truck
    • Mini Ocean Beauty Yacht
    • Fidget Bravery
    • Fidget Atlantic Ocean
    • Fidget Invincibility

UGears 3D puzzles are perfectly suitable for retail sales of any scale!

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