Ugears Indie Moto 2.5D Puzzle


Model size: 28*24.4*6.8 cm

Number of components: 47

Estimated time of assembly: 0.5 hours

Level: Easy

The Indie Moto 2.5D Puzzle depicts a classically-styled cruiser motorbike, similar to retro Indian motorcycles. This picture model comes to life with several moving parts, including handlebars, wheels, footrest, and seat, and makes a great addition to your home or office decor. Comes with a mount for hanging or stands for placing on a table!

A new way to enjoy Ugears: 2.5D puzzle!

Ugears is excited to bring you the Indie Moto from our 2.5D Classic Vehicles collection—the first series in a new line of Ugears 2.5D puzzles! This cool DIY 2.5D wooden picture motorbike model has movable elements and comes in its own frame, suitable for hanging on a wall or standing on a desk or shelf. The Indie Moto depicts a classically-styled cruiser motorbike.  The picture model comes to life with several moving parts, including handlebar, wheels, footrest, and seat, and will be a great addition to your home or office decor.

The Indie Moto 2.5D Puzzle carries the true spirit of the road. A fun DIY project and attractive display piece for any interior, this 2.5D picture puzzle is perfect for those who enjoy decorating their interior spaces with beautiful objects created by their own hands. Unlike a static framed picture or mounted puzzle, this dynamic vintage motorbike puzzle model engages viewers by letting them turn the handlebars, spin the wheels, lower the footrest or adjust the seat.

To build your Indie Moto 2.5D Puzzle just punch out the pieces from their laser pre-cut composite wood boards and snap them together. No glue or special tools are required—everything you need for assembly comes right in the box. The Indie Moto has 42 parts and is rated an "Easy" level build (estimated assembly time: 20-30 minutes), so even those who are new to model building can assemble and proudly display their DIY picture bike.

The Indie Moto 2.5D is made of art-quality composite wood. You can leave the motorcycle picture puzzle in its attractive natural wood state, or colour, paint or stain your model in colours of your choosing (paints not included). If you break a piece during assembly, no sweat—as part of our commitment to customer service, Ugears will send you replacement parts for free.

Our new line of 2.5D puzzle pictures has recognizable Ugears aesthetic and cool design, but unlike our 3D models, here we've flattened everything and placed the model in a frame, for an attractive display. With jigsaw puzzles, if you want to save the completed puzzle you have to glue it to a base then purchase a display frame for mounting. But your Indie Moto 2.5D puzzle already comes in its own frame, with leg stands and a picture mount so you can assemble and place or hang your model wherever you want!

This Ugears Indie Moto 2.5D puzzle with moving elements is a unique gift idea for friends or family members who love motorcycles, fine machinery, model building, DIY projects, puzzles, or for anyone who appreciates cool design. The Indie Moto is perfect for any adult or child who likes to "go go go" and wants to decorate their bedroom, living room, office or other interior space with their own DIY crafts.

Start your collection of Ugears wooden 2.5D picture puzzles today with the Indie Moto, then branch out and explore the wonderful world of Ugears mechanical 3D puzzles, including cars, trucks, ships, motorbikes, automatons, robots, wooden puzzle boxes and STEM Lab model kits.

Welcome to a wonderful world of mechanics and creativity. Welcome to the world of Ugears!

Additional information

Weight 438 g
Dimensions 378 × 170 × 27 cm

Model Size

30*13*5.8 cm

Assembly Time


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