U-Fidgets Atlantic Ocean


The Atlantic Ocean series of U-Fidgets from Ugears features four iconic sea creatures: Compass, Dolphin, Sea Turtle, Hammerhead Shark

Number of parts: 38
Assembly time: 20 mins
Level: Easy

The Atlantic Ocean series of U-Fidgets from Ugears features a compass to guide your voyages and three majestic ocean creatures you might encounter along the way. The set is comprised of four small wooden figurines you assemble yourself, each with simple mechanical elements:

Compass (4,4 х 1,56 х 5 cm)—a navigator's trustiest tool, showing true north. Spin the gear to chart a new course of ocean adventure!

Dolphin (4 х 0,96 х 6,7 cm)—the mariner's friend, this playful creature will accompany you on your travels, playfully porpoising beside the ship.

Sea Turtle (4,65 х 0,96 х 5 cm)—long considered by seafarers to be a good omen whenever sighted, the sea turtle also symbolizes good luck and prosperity in many cultures.

Hammerhead Shark (4,2 х 0,96 х 6,5 cm)—one of the most recognizable profiles in the animal kingdom, and a reminder that dangers accompany any epic adventure.

Each DIY fidget has a spinning element to keep your fingers occupied, as well as an eyelet for hanging as an ornament or use as a keychain. Made of art-quality natural composite wood, you can leave your wooden model U-Fidgets in their natural state or color with a light coat of paint or stain. These simple 3D puzzles come with illustrated instructions and are easy to assemble, for even the youngest builders

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Assembly Time

20 min

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