Liberation of Snake Island


Assemble me. Protect your land with me

Dedicated to the Ukrainian nation, its defenders throughout history, and those currently fighting for our country’s freedom against Russian invaders. At Ugears, we refer to the Age of Bravery series models as “mechanical stories” because they portray real events from the ongoing war. While these stories are epic, our engineers and designers have ensured the models are simple, with straightforward mechanisms. Even beginners who have never tried modeling before can assemble them

Model size: 33.5*39*3.5 cm

Number of components: 39

Estimated time for assembly: 30 mins

Level: Easy


Liberation of Snake Island is a wooden mechanical model from the special exclusive “Age of Bravery” collection by Ugears, dedicated to the Ukrainian nation, to all the Ukrainian defenders throughout history, and of course to those who are fighting for the freedom of our country right now, against russian invaders.

At Ugears, we call the Age of Bravery series models “mechanical stories” because they depict real events of the current war. Although these stories are epic, our engineers and designers have made the models simple, with straightforward mechanisms. Even beginners who have never done modeling before can assemble them.

The Liberation of Snake Island model is a mechanical depiction of a Bayraktar unmanned combat aerial vehicle flying over Ukraine’s Snake Island on the Black Sea, which was captured by the russians on February 24 and liberated on July 7. With a pantograph-type system, you can move the Bayraktar over the map of the island. There are legs on the back of the model so you can put your mechanical model in a prominent place and enjoy it with your family and friends.

Interesting facts:

The Bayraktar TB2 is a Turkish-made unmanned aerial vehicle with a control range of up to 150 km, able to stay in the air for up to 24 hours. Such characteristics allow for almost round-the-clock aerial surveillance and, after detecting a target, quick attack. As of August 2022, more than 100 units of enemy russian equipment have been destroyed with the help of Bayraktars.

Bayraktars repeatedly struck at the positions of the invaders on Ukraine’s Snake Island (which is where the war’s most popular catchphrase originated: “russian ship go f *** yourself,” now an iconic symbol of Ukrainian resistance). Bayraktars also distracted russian air defenses when missiles from the Ukrainian Neptune missile system hit the russian cruiser moskva and sank it. This event is depicted by another Ugears model in this same series: Neptune Mission, which you can also order and assemble.

In June 2022, Ukrainians raised more than $1.5 million to purchase three additional Bayraktars. The Turkish manufacturing company was touched by the unity and sacrifice of the Ukrainian people and decided to donate them instead to Ukraine. Poland and Lithuania raised more than €5 million each for Bayraktars for Ukraine. Other countries, in particular Norway and Canada, have also raised funds for Turkish drones for the Ukrainian army.

Each kit of the Age of Bravery series includes a bonus surprise: a Fidget Trident. This miniature model by Ugears is an original souvenir with its own mechanical action, and has a lug for hanging or for use as a stylish, patriotic keychain. The Trident is the coat of arms of Ukraine, a symbol of its strength, freedom, and indomitable spirit.

The Liberation of Snake Island wooden model (like other models of the Age of Bravery collection) has a fairly simple mechanism and is easily assembled in just half an hour. It has only 39 parts, each carefully laser cut on a plywood board from where it can be easily removed and connected to other parts without glue or additional tools. Illustrated instructions in 11 languages (English, Ukrainian, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean) will help you with assembly. Don’t worry if any part breaks—our support team will send you replacement parts free of charge.

The Liberation of Snake Island Mechanical 3D puzzle is a fun entertainment, an original gift, and a stylish piece of any decor (home or office). This interesting model will appeal to everyone who supports Ukraine in this war, is interested in history, or loves to create something new with their own hands.

Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine!

Additional information

Model Size

33.5*39*3.5 cm

Number of Components


Estimated Assembly Time

30 min

Level of Difficulty



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